The Lair


Hoddy's Well, WA


85 Acres


BAL 19


Under Development




Tucked away amidst the sprawling wilderness, this contemporary prodigy exudes an air of mystery – reminiscent of a Bond villain’s secret lair perched on the top of a hill. Its sleek, curved design seamlessly merges with the undulating terrain, whilst providing protection and seclusion. Beneath its elegant exterior lies a realm of modern opulence. Boasting sophisticated amenities, whilst bestowing pleasures to savour the charming vista while indulging in a perfectly shaken martini.

Approaching this luxurious estate, a meandering driveway unveils itself as a discreet pathway, weaving through majestic trees. Lined with rows of fragrant lavender and rustling deciduous saplings, it creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a prestigious winery estate. The architecture emerges as a sweeping, cantilevered silhouette – its sleek lines blending seamlessly with the natural topography. The façade is adorned with an elegant interplay of organic materials, where stone, timber, and glass come together in a symphony of understated luxury and refinement.

Inside the home, a sophisticated, secluded retreat evokes the clandestine lairs of Bond villains. Every detail is carefully chosen to exude sophistication and intrigue. Divided into two wings, the residence offers a harmonious balance between communal spaces and private sanctuaries. The children's wing is a playground of imagination, with spacious bedrooms and an activity room designed to inspire youthful creativity. Meanwhile, the adult wing provides a sanctuary of indulgence and relaxation, featuring a lavish ensuite for moments of serene contemplation, as well as an exclusive library – a writers retreat for uninterrupted creativity. Each wing offers its own unique perspective, unveiling breath taking views of the surrounding landscape.

The two wings of the home are cleverly cranked, forming a distinctive Y-shaped typology. This architectural choice serves a dual purpose: it shelters the outdoor living areas from prevailing winds and creates a natural division between the wings and the communal space. The crank in the wings also provides an opportunity to surround the internal living spaces with landscaped areas, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. To enhance these zones further, playful shapes were carved into the sweeping concrete roof, introducing additional natural light. This not only elevates the home's aesthetic appeal but also improves its functionality and demonstrates a thoughtful integration of architecture and environment.

Connecting these private wings is the central living area. Here, an impressive linear fireplace serves as a focal point, artfully dividing the dining and living rooms. A sophisticated bar with striking views invites relaxation and socialization, showcasing the seamless blend of architectural innovation and natural beauty. Concealed beyond this central space is a discreetly positioned gym, providing residents with a private retreat for physical activity.

Outside, an expansive entertainment area beckons, offering unobstructed views of the picturesque countryside. A luxurious pool basks in the sunlight, complemented by a spacious sun deck. A built-in barbecue invites culinary indulgence, while a sunken lounge with a crackling fire pit offers an intimate setting for gatherings under the starlit sky. Surrounded by meticulously landscaped gardens, this outdoor haven epitomizes sophisticated leisure living.

In this Bond-inspired retreat, where luxury meets mystery and adventure, one thing is certain – "We have all the time in the world."

  • LOCATION : Hoddy's Well, WA
  • LOT AREA : 85 Acres
  • ZONING :
  • FIRE ZONE : BAL 19
  • YEAR COMPLETED : Under Development
  • LEVELS : 1