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Quinns Rocks Residence


Quinns Rocks, WA






Under Construction


The home's façade orchestrates a poetic dialogue with the coastal landscape, layering materials in a symphony of design – a celebration of emerging architecture. The gracefully unfolding slope presented a double-storey illusion to the street, while embodying a single-storey composition towards the rear.

Situated within close proximity to the coast of Quinns Rocks, a modern family residence assumes its form, emphasising a prominent dedication to the concept of reverse living and camouflage. The design embraces the site’s contours with a reverent touch. Capturing the undulating terrain and carving a dwelling that seems as if it has always belonged.

A testament to the sense of place, the reverse living design captures ocean views, while ensuring privacy for the residents. It stands not as an imposing monument, but as a humble companion to the land, celebrating the unique beauty of the coastal realm. In this harmonious fusion of design and site, architecture and nature converge in sublime unity. Mimicking the colors and textures of the surrounding precinct, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor are further blurred.

Upon entering the ground floor, a thoughtful arrangement unfolds, with careful consideration given to the demands of work and the pursuit of leisure. A spacious 3-car garage provides ample storage and convenience for the family's vehicles. The notion of camouflage extends beyond the external façade, as exemplified by a hidden door, adjacent to the garage. Concealed behind is a theatre, inviting occupants to immerse themselves in cinematic experiences, offering an escape from the routines of daily life. Establishing a distinction between personal and professional life an office space, separated from the rest of the home, enables remote work.

Meanwhile upstairs, functionality takes precedence, as the layout accommodates the changing needs of a growing family. A large ensuite and balcony create a private sanctuary for the adults. While the children’s private quarters provide an individual space, encouraging independence and personal growth. An attached activity room enables supervision from the main living areas, while offering the versatility to adapt to future uses. As the heart of the home, the striking, modern kitchen boasts sleek lines and state of the art appliances, effortlessly fusing functionality with style. Blending seamlessly with the interior, the scullery door is cleverly disguised, while maintaining its intended purpose – a testament to the conceptual methodology of camouflage.

  • LOCATION : Quinns Rocks, WA
  • LOT AREA : 854m2
  • ZONING : R20
  • YEAR COMPLETED : Under Construction
  • LEVELS :