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Brigadoon Homestead


Brigadoon, WA


5 Acres






Under Development


Distinguished by its sleek lines and understated façade, the design of this rural homestead elegantly conceals the captivating narrative within. The duality of architecture and nature is seamlessly intertwined, creating a harmonious dialogue between the built form and its organic surroundings. The unique silhouette of the home embraces a spinal typology with a series of different wings, with long light-filled corridors to its spine, and intermittent atrium spaces, each providing a private oasis within the larger sanctuary. Generous windows act as frames, capturing and presenting views of the tranquil landscape from every perspective, ensuring a constant connection to the serene environment.

The design decisions for the homestead in Brigadoon, were driven by a commitment to harmonize with the natural environment while offering luxurious and functional living spaces. Positioning the driveway along the firebreak and situating the house to conceal play areas from neighbouring activity enhances privacy and seclusion, essential for a tranquil homestead experience. The juxtaposition of the home's form and materiality against the natural environment creates a visually striking yet respectful architectural presence. The use of rammed cement blade walls at the grand entrance adds a bold, textural element that complements the rugged landscape.

Elevating the house, respects the natural topography, reducing the need for extensive earthworks and minimizing environmental impact. The graded topography allows the pool to sit harmoniously within the landscape, requiring minimal excavation and maintaining the natural integrity of the site. Full-height windows along passageways, framed by landscaped greenery, establish a continuous visual and experiential connection with the outdoors, celebrating the unique terrain. These also acts as light wells to allow for northern sunlight to enter and heat the home in the cooler months.

The master bedroom's private wing, is surrounded by the distinctive Brigadoon landscape, provides a serene retreat, enhancing privacy and connection to nature. The large outdoor entertaining area with a pool is strategically designed to offer leisure opportunities while maximizing the use of outdoor space, in the expansive and picturesque landscape. This area seamlessly integrates itself with the indoor living and dining areas, and provides a spacious kitchen and scullery, meeting modern culinary needs, ensuring functionality without compromising aesthetics.

Incorporating a central stone-clad fireplace with flanking windows allows for views of the atrium, blending warmth and transparency in the living space, and reinforcing the theme of integrating built form with the natural surroundings. The design collectively justify a thoughtful and sophisticated approach to creating a luxury rural homestead that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally considerate.

  • LOCATION : Brigadoon, WA
  • LOT AREA : 5 Acres
  • ZONING :
  • LEVELS : 1
  • YEAR COMPLETED : Under Development