Temporal Echo


Applecross, WA








The design intent of this luxurious residence is a thoughtful synthesis of traditional architecture and avant-garde innovation, weaving together a narrative that speaks to the continuum of time. Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco movement, the architectural story unfolds with a captivating interplay of form, materiality, and lighting, creating a harmonious coexistence of the past, present and the future.

The street elevation, rooted in traditional Art Deco principles, is a manifestation of strong geometrical shapes, bold lines, and orthogonal forms. However, it maintains an air of mystery with a slight reveal, enticing the viewer to contemplate what lies beyond the facade. This intentional play of form and materiality sets the stage for the dynamic progression within.
Upon entry, the formal language of the exterior transitions into a more organic and natural interior. The use of solid marble flooring, symbolic of the building's bedrock, seamlessly morphs to shape various features throughout the home, mirroring the evolution seen in Art Deco which saw the transition from traditional orthogonal shapes to natural forms. This intentional transformation is a nod to modern interpretations of the movement, where materiality becomes a storytelling element.

Elegant bronze details, strategically placed, contribute to the overall design narrative, complementing the timber tones and providing a subtle contrast against the prevalent white palette. Spaces within the home are not merely enclosed; they are sculpted within the larger spatial context, both on the ground and ceiling planes, with splashes of colour creating a sense of fluidity and interconnectedness and used as wayfinding mechanisms.
The heart of the home, with its winding and curvilinear design, celebrates the principles of natural elements and form. The sculptural timber column, strategically positioned, assumes the role of a symbolic tree, standing out in contrast to the prevailing white tones. The winding staircase gracefully mimics the organic growth of a creeper as it wraps around the column, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes by guiding the eye upward to the first floor.

The resort-style outdoor living space seamlessly extends the opulent experience, integrating nature into the overall design. This deliberate infusion of plant motifs not only enriches the visual vocabulary but also contributes to the creation of a living space that transcends conventional boundaries, achieving an immersive and biophilic ambiance. Coupled along with a restrained colour palette and sweeping curves, transitioning from interior to exterior, create an immersive, sophisticated, and functional living space that stand as both a work of art and a testament to the evolving intersection of luxury, tradition, and resort-style living.

This meticulously designed luxury residence spans three levels, offering a comprehensive array of amenities that epitomize opulent living. The basement level encompasses a capacious 6-car garage, a rejuvenating sauna, a luxurious spa, a fully equipped gymnasium featuring a water skylight for a serene ambiance, and an indoor court for recreational activities. Moving to the ground floor, the design seamlessly integrates various elements to create an immersive living experience. An impressive entry welcomes residents and guests with an open void and a striking double height wall water feature, leading to a sunken lounge area. The office space is thoughtfully positioned to offer expansive views of the main living area and the meticulously landscaped outdoors. A dedicated theatre provides a space for entertainment, while an atrium with a central pond and lush gardens introduces a touch of nature into the architectural narrative.

The ground floor also features a wine cellar and bar for intimate gatherings, a well-appointed kitchen with a scullery, and a sunken lounge area with a captivating waterfall feature that draws attention to the verdant oasis outside. The inclusion of a lift and a feature staircase adds a sense of grandeur and functionality to the design. The outdoor area of the residence is designed to complement the indoor living spaces, offering a seamless transition between the two. It includes expansive dining and kitchen facilities, booth-style seating that curves around the outdoor living areas, providing stunning views of the home and its surroundings. A circular swimming pool with a sun shelf offers a refreshing retreat, while a sunken fire pit provides a cosy gathering spot for cool evenings.

Ascending to the first floor, residents are greeted by five bedrooms, each featuring its own ensuite for privacy and comfort. A sunroom with a water skylight creates a serene retreat, extending to a tranquil terrace garden that overlooks the impressive pool and landscaping below. Additionally, a spacious study and activity area cater to the needs of the household. The master suite on the first floor is a study in luxury, featuring an open floor plan that includes an operable skylight, allowing residents to indulge in stargazing while enjoying a relaxing bath. The suite also includes a discreet private lounge, providing an ideal space for unwinding after a long day.

This project was designed for Minniti & Son Luxury Builders.

  • LOCATION : Applecross, WA
  • LOT AREA : 1514m2
  • ZONING : R12.5
  • LEVELS : 3